The Estari Era started in each known Realm when the Karawam invaded and colonized them as parts of their empire. The Realm of Kor evolved into a massive metropolis of a world inhabited by only Brew and their servants, where every Brew would eventually be pledged into military service for their empire. Because of this system, the Brew had a massive military like no other throughout history, and were able to conquer and hold other realms with ease. One of the worlds conquered and converted to their cause was Nask, the realm of the humans.

During the middle of this Era, the Realm of Alew was discovered by the Karawam, and it was found that the realm was devoid of sentient life. In order to exploit the world of resources, they sent in humans from the then overpopulated realm of Nask to populate the new world.

As the Era neared its end, the Karawam became more and more hungry for more worlds to exploit for recources. They eventually uncover a portal that connects them to another interplannar empire known as the Chiten. The Chiten were a strange race, with many interesting qualities. For one, they were obedient and never failed to serve the greater good of their colonies. Also, whenever they conquered a world, instead of enslaving the inhabitants like the Karawam, they consumed the environment of the world and converted it to one that would better suit their own kind. They got their name "Chiten" from the bug-like chitenous plates that they bore all over their bodies, acting like natural armor. Much like many species of insects that live in colonies, all lower casts of Chiten were born from their queen, who was in turn born from the Mother Queen of the Chiten in theirCore World.