Darnosar starts out with the Forgotten Age, the years from after the Cread empire dissapears to the beginning of Brewish civilization on Kor. The Forgotten Age gets its namesake from the fact that most events that occur during these years have been forgotten. During these years, it is known that the sentient races of the worlds were in their youth, and didn't have advanced technologies like metals until later. Something happened in the early Forgotten Age that caused knowledge of the advanced technologies of the Cread to be forgotten, and the races had to start learning about the world from nothing.

Later in the Era, things began to change as the sentient races learned about agriculture and basic metals like copper and bronze. Cities emerged, which soon grew domains that became the first civilizations. As the civilizations progressed, wars soon started between them. This Era is known to officially reach its end at different times in different Realms, but for the Realm of Kor (which was inhabited by the Brew), it reaches its end when the Karawam, a political party in the Sanite of Rawstasis, discovers a method to reactivate the portals left over by the Cread, and thus beginning their interplannar expansion into an empire. For the Realm ofNask (the original Realm where humans came from), the Age of Darnosar ends after the Karawam discover a portal connection to the Realm and invade. In a nutshell, the Age of Darnosar ended for each realm at the time their portals were activated, and they were connected to the greater universe.