The Karawam were a political party of Brew in the realm of Kor that formed in the Sanite of Rawstasis at around 84 BKE. The Karawam grew very powerful, and instituted a dictator in control of their once republic. At 54 BKE, Rawstasisn scholars discover the process of activating portals, and shortly after the Sanite sent invasion forces into other worlds. Over the next few decades, the Sanite of Rawstasis grew very powerful because of their new colonies in other realms, and they conquered the rest of Kor and incorporated it into their empire. Over the next several thousand years, the Karawam became in control of a massive interplannar empire. Eventually, the Karawam discover the realm of Nask, and enslave humanity. They see the usefulness of humans, and decide to send them out to populate other worlds. Later, the Karawam send a group of humans to populate the realm of Alew. Shortly after this, the Karawam discover a portal to a realm inhabited by the Chiten, another interplanar empire. The two empires war each other in the Chiten War, and the Karawam slowly loses. In the midst of the Chaos, rebellious humans in the world of Alew successfully build a tainsash and gain independence in their realm. After the tainsash was built, none knows what happened next to the Karawam. It is guessed that their empire was ultimately defeated and consumed by the savage Chiten.