Alew, or "Gift" in Ralin, is a realm full of various environments, including several temperate regions.

History Edit

In the year 20,034 KE, the Karawam discover a portal to this realm from the desolate cold realm of Harstid. Strangly enough, the realm is devoid of sentient beings despite the fact that it is very hospitable. Shortly after this discovery, the Karawam decided to send humans from the overpopulated realm of Nask to populate Alew, and to further expand the reaches of the Karawam's empire.After the human's arrival, they slowly spread across the 4 continents of the world, and over the next thousand years they formed into many prosperous new civilizations. In later years, the humans of Alew become known for their many rebellions against the Karawam, and many humans seek independence for mankind. In 22,245 KE, amidst the chaos of the Chitin War, the humans of Alew successfully build a tainsash and separate the realm from the rest of the Karawam's empire.

After a few hundred years of being independent, the humans of Alew discover dark magicks in ancient ruins scatered about the world. After studying these ruins, the humans learn that the realm was once populated by a sentient race before them. This race was wiped out for unknown reasons about a thousand years before the human's arrival. A cult develops around the ancient artifacts known as the Ringers. The cult gathers as many magickal artifacts as it can, and tries to replicate the magicks for themselves. In the year 22,504 KE, the Ringers finally put the pieces together, and create the first human vampire. Seeing the benefits of immortality, most of the Ringers curse themselves with vamparism. Soon though, the thirst for blood that comes along with the curse overpowers them, and they begin to spread around the world causing terror. In the year 22,589 KE, a group of the vampires begin a plot to take over land and farm humans for blood. They use their powers to impress humans, and convert them to their new Cult of Der, convincing the humans that they were gods. The cult expands, and soon a war occurs where the cultists fight those still remaining loyal to the local gods. The war results in the Der rising to power. Over the next few centuries, the Der leaders known as the "Derype" expand their borders to cover the entierty of the realm of Alew, and farm humans for blood to feed the growing number of vampires under their following.

A few hundred years later, a rebellious religious group of humans known as The Trodden stage a rebellion against the Derype. Their rebellion ultimately fails, but humans with a rebellious spirit remain even after the war is over. A group of these humans form the Raimsar, a rebel organization. The Raimsar eventually discover a portal to Salior, and many humans are sent through the portal before it is discovered by the Derype, and they are forced to close it with a tainsash.